Alarms Save Lives

We’re proud to have been protecting the lives of families in their homes for generations - globally. This is based on a clear philosophy of Quality, Service and Innovation

Our Culture


The Company’s success is based on a culture of Quality, Service and Innovation over 30 years, Our achievements are a tribute to the dedication of very many people over several decades, built on a strong culture of loyalty, respect, commitment and long service. Over the years we have all made a valuable contribution to our local community and this region, making it a better place to live and work for the current and future generations.



The highest standards of quality underpin all of our manufacturing processes and products, backed by 3rd party certifications across the key markets in which we operate. As an integral part of our assembly process, each individual alarm is tested and calibrated in the relevant environment in which it is expected to operate -that is Smoke, Heat or Carbon Monoxide.


Our quality products are supported by a team of professionals; There to provide the highest standards of technical support, industry training and aftersales service. We pride ourselves in also serving the local communities of which we are a key part of both in Ireland and overseas.


Technology has evolved a lot over the last 30 years. Our team of dedicated engineers are continuously making new advancements to make future homes even safer and more connected.

Case Studies

We may never know how many lives were saved thanks to our products, but here is a few we are aware of:

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